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Welcome to my website.  It is mostly a place to share the photos I am most proud of ... people, places, flora, fauna and all ... and to journalize my travel in pictures.     I am happy to share anything I may know about a place or about a specific photo.   I am very much still learning, but I think that is true of every photographer everywhere.   I am also willing to sell just about any image ... please contact me if you want to buy one.  


 By the way, Larkin (a la Larkin Photography)  is my middle name, and was my "kennel name" for my show dogs     I am known as Peggy Berger to most, but Lark to my family.   I answer to both.   Also to Mom and Grandma!   

Arizona 2008

August 05, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

A new portfolio of photos taken on a Road Scholar (then called Elderhostel) trip based in Phoenix, where we explored the desert, Sedona, Red Rock Canyon and the Cathedral Rocks, Superstition Mountain, and the Desert Botanical Garden.   Led by a photographer from Arizona Highways Magazine, this class was where i first began to 'get' the importance and use of light when composing an image.    


SaguaroMighty Saguaro    Desert sunsetDesert sunset

France and Yosemite Galleries Added

July 23, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

I have re-edited the best photos from France in 2010 and Yosemite in 2009.   It is a good thing that Yosemite is so glorious because my skills were still very much in the making at that point.    Lots and lots of out of focus and poorly composed photos.   But thanks to the subject, there are about 30 of them worth adding.   Of about 750 taken.   France is composed of three different parts.   The first group are taken in Paris, the next during a river boat cruise down the Seine and back, and the third on a trip to Provence.   The colors in Provence, both the buildings and the clear water on grass-bottomed rivers, required little enhancing, although it appears that the saturation has been boosted in many of them.   Not so!  I have one trip to Italy to go through and add.   And then the pace will slow as I review my other old folders for photos that are of sufficient quality to go in a miscellanous folder.    There is little data stored here identifying the specifics of individual photos, but I do have it.    I am happy to share more information about what and where you are look at ... just ask!   Enjoy the photos.   

First Blog Post ... Setting the Stage

June 29, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

Well, here I go.   I am launching this website but it is very much a work in progress.  The home page is a slideshow of some of the photos I consider pretty good.   If you click on "portfolio" you can see a gallery of more   So far, my two trips this year to the Florida Keys and to Coastal Maine.    There is a gallery of the Colorado Plateau (2015), which includes Sedona, Grand Canyon National Park, Monument Valley, Lake Powell and Antelope Canyon, Bryce Canyon National Park and Zion National Park.   I have started one for Iceland but it is not finished yet.   On most trips, I was on a tour of those places or traveling with others, and had to shoot when we were there.   For this reason the light is often not ideal, but the beauty is still evident.   We would always prefer to shoot in the lovely golden light of sunrise and sunset, but that is not always what is possible.    The last half of the Maine trip this year was a photography tour, and we did get some gorgeous light because we looked for it.   Thanks to John Slonina, our guide.   

I am still learning the software myself, but you can look at a gallery by scrolling through the small photos on the gallery page, or you can launch a slideshow and see them full screen.  

 Comments are welcome at any time.   Please enjoy, and come back soon!

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